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- Led Fal

- Fix telepítésű

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- Alfanumerikus egy- vagy többsoros led kijelzők


Beltéri kivitel

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Nagyfényerejű, de beltéri kivitel

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Kültéri kivitel

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- Hétszegmenses kijelzők

- Benzinkút árkijelző rendszer

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- Sebesség kijelző

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Radar speed sign for all purposes and it is very cost efficient. It has two 12" red or amber (optional other colors) digit LED lighting display board that shows speeds from 10-99 mph or 16-99 kph. The Radar unit can be solar powered with an optional charge controller (-S models). The radar display board is installed in a traffic  gray hard PVC or aluminum case to stop glare and it will not rust at all. The LED radar display is rated for 100,000 hours. The radar unit can be mounted on a standard 2.5” (76mm) pole. By the use of a solar cell it can be operated without line power.

2 and half digit models that can display up to 199 are also available. See product numbering system for the proper selection.


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